Save money while improving your home's Air Quality, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Safety.

Typically, homeowners see at least a 20% reduction in monthly electric, gas, and water costs when all of the GREEN HOUSE recommendations are implemented.

The GREEN HOUSE Home Performance Evaluation is the first step in improving your home's energy efficiency.

GREEN HOUSE utilizes ENERGY STAR's Home Performance Contractor Evaluation, which emphasizes the interaction of the entire home's systems, making them all work together to create an efficient, comfortable environment.

Post Evaluation: GREEN HOUSE Home Performance Improvements

We provide you with a report recommending the best solutions for your situation, as well as any rebates and incentives that apply. Then, you determine the repairs and upgrades to implement, and we begin the Energy Improvements. Once complete, we conduct a re-evaluation to verify the results.

Welcome to GREEN HOUSE

Central Coast's leader in home energy efficiency and green remodeling. GREEN HOUSE exists to improve your home's Air Quality, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Safety.

Do you have to pay astronomical utility bills to keep your house at a comfortable temperature? Do you have mold or mildew growing in your home? Do you have year-round sniffles? These are signs of a home that's lacking energy efficiency, and GREEN HOUSE can make your home more efficient. After working with GREEN HOUSE, the average homeowner can reduce their utility bills by at least 20% - and typically much more.

Our services include:

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